Storrea is a cloud-based SAAS (Software as a service) e-commerce platform that anyone can use to develop his branded e-commerce website and manage daily business effortlessly.

Storrea makes technology management simple and easy for your online business. Have you ever wanted to know what are the technologies behind Storrea? Sometimes we get asked how Storrea platform has been built, what programming languages do we use, what server hosts the application, what cloud services do we use etc. We will write a summary of technology stack behind Storrea here. If you are a developer or tech enthusiast, you may find these interesting!

Storrea platform has been developed on Ruby on Rails framework with state of the art technology. International renowned brands like AirBnB, SoundCloud, GitHub. Shopify has been developed on Ruby on rails.

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Storrea uses leading cloud application hosting platform Heroku powered by Amazon with 99% uptime guarantee for hosting the application. It uses managed PostgreSQL database with automatic backup and rollback service. All the stores’ data is stored in Amazon S3 Storage and resources are served from Cloudfront CDN for faster website loading and ensuring the layered security of the online stores. Also Storrea itself is finely tuned to protect your website from any internet threats.

Storrea theme module is totally separate from the main application so that we can develop any custom theme from the scratch to meet unique business UI requirements. The platform has been made flexible so that any third party application can be integrated without much trouble. As Storrea is completely developed using cloud technologies, it can be easily scaled to any extent; thus there remains no technical barrier to support large enterprise businesses.

Now that you got some idea about the technology behind Storrea, we would really appreciate your comment below if you have any observation or suggestion.

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