When customers visit your store for the first time, they usually look for symbols that tell them it’s safe to browse and purchase from your site . SSL Certificate is the primary symbol of that assurance.


What is SSL Certificate?


An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer), also called as a Digital Certificate, creates a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser ensuring that all data passes between the two remains private and secure. SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing private information such as credit card number, names, email addresses, contacts etc.


Why do you need SSL Encryption in your store?


When customers visit your store for the first time, they usually look for symbols that tell them it’s safe to browse your site and to buy from you. The most powerful indicator that can make them trust your site is the lock icon with https sign which appears when your online store is fully encrypted. SSL certificate is also very important for SEO. If you have SSL enabled in your site, Google will trust your site and your rank in search results will improve significantly. Overall, SSL Certificate is a reliable symbol of your company’s trust worthiness. It shows customers that your business is legitimate and it’s technically safe to buy products from your shop.


Free SSL Certificate at Storrea Platform!


Online stores built using Storrea platform are now more secure and safer. From now on Storrea platform supports SSL encryption for custom domains that means we provide SSL certificate to enable https for your domain. Usually it costs around 3,000 bdt to 10,000 bdt yearly to purchase and install SSL certificate if you use open source solutions. But Storrea is offering free SSL encryption/certificate in your store if you are a subscriber of ‘Shahosh’ or ‘Shofol’ package.


Example of SSL enabled stores powered by Storrea





How do you enable SSL in your store?


To enable SSL Certificate in your store, please call us at +8801979733777 or email us at info@storrea.com. Additionally you need to update the existing CNAME settings value to ‘sites.storrea.com’ from your domain configuration panel. If you have purchased domain from Storrea, we will do that for you.



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