There are a lot of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh who are doing online business by using Facebook page as their business tool. Facebook page is not inappropriate for online business I even think all online businesses should be started with Facebook page. Because it needs less investment as Facebook page is totally free. Doing business through Facebook page is known as Facebook Commerce, in short it is called F-commerce. F-commerce is a part of e-commerce. To get full advantage of e-commerce, an e-commerce website is mandatory for an entrepreneur.

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I am now taking you to look for some causes for which a website is mandatory for your online business.

1. For your unique business identity.

Unique Identity is much more important for every sector. It is quite tough to find someone or something without its unique identity. In business sector, it is so much important to found a unique identity of your Business. If you are currently running a Facebook business page, then just search by your page name in Facebook. You might have gotten some pages as same as your page name. If you didn’t find same named page, you most probably will find after some days. Because Facebook allows more than one page as same name, as they allow plenty of ID as same name.

Therefore, to get uniqueness you need an e-commerce website. Because There could be only one website by a domain name. If you register a domain and build a website by your business name then non can use your business name in the internet world.

2. 24 hours active.

It is impossible to a man to active 24 hours in his Facebook page. Different customers will order in different time. But a man can’t active all time for taking all orders. Because of this inability, a Facebook page loses many potential customers as they (customers) don’t get quick response.

But a website can take order from customers 24 hours. It also can take thousands of orders at a time. It reduces work pressure of an entrepreneur too.

3. Customer from search engine.

Website brings many customers from search engine. A statistic shows that nearly 93% of all web traffics come through search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. So, if you don’t have website, you can’t reach to this huge audience. It should be noted that, to get traffic from search engine, search engine optimization (SEO) is necessary for your website.

4. Product display.

Website is the best tool to display your products or services you provide to your consumers. It can influence customers to buy more. A product can be displayed with its details in attractive way in a website. You can display your products category wise so that customer can easily find their desired one. It increases your sales.

5. Payment gateway integration.

Payment gateway is so much important for online business. It is the way to payment through online.

Payment gateway can be integrated in website but not in Facebook page. If you want to take your business worldwide, payment gateway then must need. Apart from this, there are many immigrants living in abroad. They often buy from online for their friends and family living here in Bangladesh. They only can payment through online. So, if you have no payment gateway, you then will lose this huge customers. It also makes your business easy, comfortable and trustworthy to your consumers.

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6. Google analytics integration.

Google analytics is like closed circuit (CC) camera for your website. By using google analytics in your website, you can observe all your website condition. You can see how many traffic come in your website every day, every hour, every minute even every second. You also can come to know where they come from in your website, what product they click, which page they visit, how long they stay in your website. By observing your web traffic, you can understand what should you do and can make plan for your business’s betterment.

7. Business report.

Reporting is an important part of business. Without report, you can’t understand your business condition whether you are losing or benefiting. If you are currently run Facebook business page, then you have to make report every day and it consumes your huge time. But an e-commerce website can make report constantly.

How many products are sold, how many are delivered, how many are rest in your inventory and how much money you earned, all are being saved automatically in report section of website. It reduces your working pressure as well as save your time.

8. Customer data.

When you have an e-commerce website, you can save your customer data in your web database. Later, you can advertise among your customer by SMS and email marketing. Thus, you can be connected with your customers making a good communication relevant messaging and emailing. It also can help you to broad your business.

9. Free from political issue.

Sometimes, Facebook is blocked by government for some political issue. Sometimes it is blocked for preventing question paper leakage. Again, sometimes Facebook makes trouble for its internal problem. These times, your business will be hampered if your business is only Facebook page based. But if you have an e-commerce website, you can run your business despite of such situation.

10. Customers satisfaction.

Unless you have an e-commerce website, it is hard to gain customers satisfaction only by your Facebook page. Because, as it needs no money to open a Facebook page, there are many fraud pages in Facebook. Many people are being cheated by these fraud page. Among these fraud Pages how one can get you are real unless you do not have a website? If you have an e-commerce website linked in your Facebook page, then people will easily trust you and thus, your sales increases with trust.

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In fine, I would like to say, the need of an e-commerce website for online business is bagger descriptions. Without e-commerce website, online business will not be called e-commerce. A website makes online business fully digital, it reduces working pressure, it can reach to huge audience quickly.

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